Hackers leaks sensitive Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs emails

http://nairobidigest.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/hacker.jpgHackers leaks sensitive Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs emails

Online hacktivists claimed on Thursday that they had breached the Foreign Affairs ministry’s server and leaked information to the dark web.

‘Dark web’ refers to websites that are visible but whose IP addresses are hidden.

The hacktivists dubbed ‘Anonymous’ told hackread that they stole “a store of valuable data” including confidential and non-confidential files.

“In few days you will receive full disclosure on the data. We, the Anonymous, will stand against corruption, child abuse, and child labour. The government of Kenya should have expected us,” they said.

‘Anonymous’ said they had a Terabyte of data but that they had leaked “just one portion” of it.

Some of the emails leaked include letters detailing updated office and residential addresses of Kenya ambassadors, a deal between Kenya Defence Forces and Embraer aircraft company for an airshow in Nairobi, Seoul meeting updates and administration performance contracts.

But ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru said: “it is not entirely true” that the ministry’s server was hacked.

“The report is not correct. People give lots of stories on social media. We will carry out investigations,” he told the local media on phone.

The Foreign Affairs ministry was not immediately available for comment.

The hackers claimed data stolen included email conversations, security-related communication, international trade agreements and letters.

“The letters discuss the security situation in Sudan where government forces are fighting the People’s Liberation Army,” they said.

They said they also stole conversations related to weapon clearance in Namibia and details of a business collaboration deal between Kenya and Oman.

Other documents were on state officials visiting the country, the cyber attackers claimed, adding one internal email was a security alert for the ministry’s staff sent by the ICT administrator.

“The email states that someone is trying to hack staff email IDs by sending phishing emails containing malicious links. The ICT administrator also shared a screenshot of an email sent by the hackers,” said ‘Anonymous’.

The cyber attack was allegedly conducted under the banner of operation OpAfrica, launched last year against child abuse, child labour and corruption in African countries.

On March 31, OpAfrica also claimed Kenya Petroleum Refineries. A South African job portal, Uganda’s Ministry of Finance and an IT company under the Rwandan government were also hacked in the same period.

The group also leaked details of 64,000 workers from Tanzanian telecom firm.

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