300 Cops Quit Recce Unit Over Poor Pay

300 Cops Quit Recce Unit Over Poor Pay

More than 300 GSU Recce squad officers have quit the job in a year, citing poor pay and mistreatment by their seniors.

Officers who spoke to the the Star on condition of anonymity said their bosses are using their positions to pocket allowances paid to them by the private companies hiring their services.

They said their seniors have refused to let the companies pay the allowances to individual officers’ bank accounts.

The officers said their colleagues recently escorted a convoy of UN transit lorries carrying weaponry from Malaba to Mombasa before they were shipped to Egypt, but have not been paid.

“They spent more than three days on the road and none of them has been paid anything,” said a Recce officer.

The officers said former colleagues have sought employment with the UN and the US embassy.

A local university is said to have hired six while real estate firms have employed the highly trained officers to heighten security in business and residential premises.

“A former colleague now works for a real estate firm in Westlands, Nairobi. Some of us have interviewed for jobs in private firms and are leaving very soon,” an officer said.

Some wealthy individuals have also contracted the services of Kenya’s best-trained security personnel, meaning the government will be forced to train others to fill the gaps.

There about 12,000 Recce officers in the country.

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