Athletes consider defecting due to taxes

Athletes are threatening to defect if the Kenyan Revenue Authority’s plans to tax their earnings go ahead.



Wesley Korir spoke on behalf of the North Rift Valley athletics hub, saying that they were furious at the government’s decision.

The athletes are concerned at the fact that they are already taxed overseas for their earnings, and they invest their leftover earnings in their own country.

They feel that the government does nothing to support them, and that paying taxes in Kenya as well would bankrupt them.

Florence Kiplagat, the Berlin Marathon winner, aired her frustration by saying, “We work hard to give this nation a positive image abroad yet we get nothing in return. I can chose to change my nationality now.”

The KRA is adamant that all sportspeople should contribute to paying taxes in their own countries, and have given the athletes until April 30 to start with their four tax installments.

They have also promised to take into account all the taxes paid abroad, as long as the athlete produces proof of these.

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