Bigger Muscle-1

Bigger Muscle-1

I can sense that grin on your face right now…..
You may be hitting the gym for hours on end but not getting maximum results on muscle size. Well, maybe your workouts aren’t cut out for size. Here are some of the best workouts for size according to muscle groups:

Inclined bench press. 5 sets (10,10,8,6,6) increasing weight.
Flat bench press. 5 sets (10,10,8,6,6) increasing weight.
Inclined dumbbell press. 5 sets (6,6,8,10,10) decreasing weight
By this time your chest wants to xplode! Carry on…
Cable fly 4 sets (12,10,8,6)
Chest press: 10 reps starting with the lowest weight till exhaustion
Throw in one more workout probably your favorite.

standing barbell curls. 5 sets (10,10,8,6,6) increasing weight.
Sitted dumbbell curls. 5 sets (10,10,8,6,6) increasing weight.
Standing EZ bar curls. 5 sets (10,10,8,6,6) increasing weight.
Preacher curls. 4 sets (10,10,8,6,) increasing weight.
Hummer curls. 4 sets (6,8,10,10,) decreasing weight.
For those who go so hard, you may want to perform what we call rack stripping:- start with the heaviest dumbbell in your gym and perform as many reps as you can. Move downwards till you get to the lightest weight. This should be done after the above workouts.
Works for me. Try them out. Keep it locked for more workout routines. 6 pack tips coming up soon…..

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I am a Computer scientist by profession yet I find myself deep in the fitness and sports world. I do fitness and nutrition consultancy. Rugby player; and Web administrator at The University of Nairobi.