Boots That Every Woman Should Own for this Cold Season That Every Woman Should Own for this Cold Season

The cold season is here yet again and if there’s one thing most women can agree on, it’s that a good pair of boots is a closet staple – especially for the cold season. Boots are practical, comfortable and stylish, and they can be worn with a variety of different outfits. Now that the colds here, it’s time to look through your closet and make sure you have the boots you need.

The Knee-High Boots

The knee-high boot is definitely the number one must-have boot for the cold weather.

These boots come in a variety of silhouettes and are a guarantee of a chic and polished look for the wearer when the days are colder.

Choosing the ideal heel height for the knee-high boots is perfectly up to the wearer as they come in a variety of heel options (flat, stacked low heel, wedge, stiletto etc).

The versatility of this boot makes it easy to style as it can be worn over leggings or skinny jeans, with a dress or a knee-length skirt.
When buying knee high boots, choose a pair that suits your figure: make sure you choose a boot that fits the leg and knee the way it should for that fluttering look.

The Ankle Boot

This is another must have pair of boots for women to beat the cold weather.

Although ankle boots first started out as a fashion trend, they have officially made it to the books as a necessary boot to beat the cold weather.

Ankle boots have a sense of femininity that easily transforms any kind of outfit. Ankle boots are actually the only kinds of boots that you could easily wear to the office without looking out of place.

When shopping for a pair of ankle boots, make sure you pick one that you are comfortable walking around in (a solid thick heel provides more comfort) because you want to walk around with them for hours on end.

The Girlie Peep-toe Boot

peep toe boot
While most would argue that wearing a peep-toe shoe beats the purpose of keeping warm during the cold weather, this boot is a must have for any woman because it adds a hint of sexiness to your outfit, something that is easily overlooked when dressing for the cold weather.

When shopping for a peep-toe bootie, look for a pair that will add a wow factor to your outfit; look for a pair with a sexier silhouette (avoid a chunky heel if you can) and if you are feeling a tad liberated, go for a pair in a bold color that will be noticeable from afar.

The Moto Boot
moto boots
Moto Boots are definitely the most inescapable fashion staples a woman can own because they can be worn with literally any outfit.

Moto boots are very practical and aside from being extremely comfortable, they add a touch of grunge to your outfit.

Be creative when adorning Moto boot as the possibilities of wearing this boots with style are endless!

Wear Moto boots with leggings or skinny jeans for that day long shopping spree with your girls or wear them with a skirt or dress to give the stylish contrast that everyone will moon over.

When shopping for a pair of Moto boots, invest in a good pair of leather boots with a firm sole that will last long.

These boots are best in staple colors to help you wear them with just about any piece in your wardrobe.

The Ugg Boot
While not every woman would be comfortable wearing Ugg boots, these boots are considered as a snug shoe for the cold weather.

Styling Ugg boots can be quite a challenge especially if one is interacting with Uggs for the first time.

When and if you decide to wear a pair of Uggs, make sure that the outfit makes sense. Ugg boots are fairly chunky and for that reason, its best to consider wearing something slimming at the bottom (leggings or skinny jeans) and then balance this out with a loose, bulkier top.

NEVER wear Ugg boots during the rainy season: Uggs are made from sheep skin or fur and they can easily get damaged by water. Keep your Uggs locked up in the closet during the hot season though.

Armed with these five boots, any woman will find that looking stylish during cold-weather months very easy.

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