Brand it Like Beckham it Like Beckham

Branding is such an important part of the jobseeker process. You have to know who you are, what your brand is and what you want to convey of that brand to a prospective employer.

Through his career as a footballer, his famous marriage (famous for its success and longevity). He has inspired many young talented individuals to pursue their dreams and driven others to change their style of hair more often than their underwear.

His style often influences the fashion weeks and his famous face and body are splashed across the face of the world whether promoting scents, watches or underwear.

Like a fine malt, he has aged well and is possibly even more of a powerful brand now that he was during his footballer prime.

I think we can all agree we could learn a thing or two from Becks. He has spanned many industries and dabbled with many ‘products’ and through it all his brand has simply grown in strength rather than become diluted.

So what can we learn from beck about Brand, and why is it important to the jobseeker.

We have picked out 5 key factors that we feel define Becks and that should also be considered very carefully by those just beginning their career development:

1) Never consider yourself bigger than the team.
Working with top players form the top Universities we often find that some of our clients suffer from a slight lack of humility. Graduating top of your class, fresh from a leadership post at the student union, voted winner in the Mr and Miss context 2 years in a row, it can be easy to begin to enjoy the warm sunshine of your own brilliance. But what most employers want is team players, those with great interpersonal skills and the humility to work as part of a group.

Beckam always credited his team for his successes, because it was most probably true. Remember to remember those who got you to the top of your class, who elected you and supported you as Student Union leader and who voted you Mr. Wonderful. Without them you were nothing. Remember them and remember to acknowledge the part others played in creating that person that you are. Employers will like it.

2) Know your limitations.
Beckham was ridiculed as a young man for his speaking voice. Yet he is an honored spokesperson for sport and promotion of sport in general. How did he turn a weakness into a strength – he knows his limitations and keeps his spoken addresses simple and good humored. His credibility comes from recognizing his limitations as a speaker and not trying to be something he is not.

3) Pick your advisors.
You need a good team to help you through the milestones to come. Pick them wisely. Beckham has a huge team supporting him. Can you name one of them? Probably not. And that is exactly the point. They are his team because they care about him and not about glorifying themselves off the back of his success. Pick your advisors wisely off the merit that they care about you, not to promote themselves through you.

4) Learn from your mistakes and commit never to make the same mistakes twice.

When Beckham was banned from the World Cup in 1998 for kicking an opponent he did not sulk and whine and run after drugs, alcohol and women to attract attention. He quietly picked himself up, learnt from his mistake and played better than ever to make up for his mistakes.

We all have to make mistakes, we are human. You will make mistakes, it is part of becoming a better person. Just don’t make the same mistake twice. Learn from your mistakes, accept responsibility for them and grow from them.

5) Treat people well – ALWAYS.

Always be kind and good to people. No matter who they are or where they come from. Beckham is universally brand as Mr Nice Guy. And we always say you get what you give. So be polite, be nice and treat everyone with respect. It should simply be a standard for you. It doesn’t matter how others treat you or how your friends and family treat others. Be courteous to all and you will receive back the courtesy you desire.


Author Description

Tracy Mulei

Tracy is a fabulous twenty-something whose friends are all married or having babies while she just keeps getting more and more awesome. Tracy writes as a hobby. Tracy is one of the most inquisitive person you will ever meet. Tracy was a web and graphic designer student in Nairobits Digital School. Tracy is also a terrible narcissist who loves hearing the sound of her own voice. Tracy. Connect with her on twitter @muleitracy