Bushy Eyebrows Are In Trend

http://nairobidigest.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Bushy-Eyebrows-Are-In-Trend-300x150.jpghttp://nairobidigest.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Bushy-Eyebrows-Are-In-Trend-300x150.jpgBushy Eyebrows Are In Trend

You never know what might be trendy tomorrow. However, today it seems that plucking eyebrows is going out of fashion.

Yes, beauty icons Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo with their thin arched brows would feel out of place nowadays. Just compare these two legendary ladies with current celebrity Cara Delevingne whose bushy evil eyebrows remind of some sort of living creatures ready to hop on you and eat you up. Scary, isn’t it? Yet this is what is considered to be fashionable! Poor are those who cannot resist the latest trends. They inevitably turn into fashion victims.

As we know, fashion and trends tend to transform and change every 10 years. And ladies who have been tweezing their eyebrows for the last ten years have probably noticed that after so many years of plucking their brows are no longer as thick as they used to be. The beauty industry is here to do all possible to make ‘fashion victims’ pay money to solve the problem. Now they offer us brow transplants, medicated gels and, finally, eyebrow wigs. Of course, eyebrow wigs is not a new idea at all. They have been used by people suffering from illnesses, such as cancer and alopecia. But the funny thing is that currently even absolutely healthy young ladies apply fake eyebrows to look like Delevingne.

Bushy Eyebrows Are In Trend

Right now products by Final Touch Brows are in great demand. Danielle Kurukchi, the owner of the company, was not fully aware of the real reasons why some people buy their products. In her email Kurukchi explained that they sell products that are designed for those customers who have lost their brows from illnesses, such as alopecia, cancer, hormonal changes and stress. The main purpose of such items is to help people gain their self-confidence. This brand sells brow extensions, false eyebrows that are made using human hair, and many other beauty products.

Attached to the skin with an adhesive, falsies can last up to three months. Special care is needed, though. There are plenty of well-known people who have transformed themselves by changing the way their hair looks. Some of the celebrities dye and cut their hair or, on the contrary, use extensions, then curl or straighten it.

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