Court visits Westgate Mall

_h353_w628_m6_otrue_lfalseAfter much debate, the court headed to the scene of the Westgate Mall massacre in the midst of the ongoing trial.

The court headed to the grim scene of the mall that once represented Kenya’s growing economy and future, which now serves as a constant reminder of the unexplained violence and innocent lives lost.

Chief Magistrate Daniel Ochenja, emphasised the importance of the visit, “We have to see the crime scene the witnesses are talking about”, via the NYtimes.

He was later quoted in saying, “Now we know what Westgate looks like after the terrorist attack”.

Defense lawyer, Mbugua Mureithi however stated the visit just solidified that the suspects are wrongfully accused.

He stated, “They are amused because they are being treated like they destroyed this place, and they’ve never been here before”, via the NYtimes.

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