Don’t Fake It Till You Make It’t Fake It Till You Make It

We are all familiar with the mantra fake it till you make it which has been drummed into our skulls as a tool to help us hit it big time in life. Whether or not you decide to embrace this refrain is up to you, but modern Scientists advice against adopting it.

In 2011, intriguing research concluded that visualizing success does not necessarily lead us to attaining it and may end up being counterproductive. These researchers were able to demonstrate that thinking actively about success drains the motivation and ambition of an individual. When we imagine that we have already attained the success that we seek, the brain falls for this trick and enters relaxation mode decreasing the energy levels to run after our goals.

An experiment conducted in this regard involved water deprived subjects who were asked to visualize a glass of cold water to find out if this would energize them. However, the surprising outcome was that the activity was draining to the subjects who had decreasing levels of desire for the water despite their thirst.

The next time that you think of your future self relaxing on countless money wads, lounging on your private yacht cruising on blue waters with your beach house in the horizon and a waiting staff of 50 at your beck and call, snap back into reality and start working towards achieving that goal instead of thinking about it.

Article :Paula Mwazigizi
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