Embu Governor Martin Wambora impeached

Gov.-Martin-Nyaga-Wambora impeached

Gov.-Martin-Nyaga-Wambora impeached

Embu Governor Martin Wambora has been impeached by  local  county assembly over corruption allegations.

Wambora becomes the first governor in Kenya to be impeached. 22 out of 33 members of the county assembly voted for removal of the governor during a debate that had been blocked by the governor after obtaining an order from Kerugoya High Cecilia Githua court on January 23 .

In his communication to the house Speaker Justice Kariuki Mate said the order obtained by the governor from the Kerugoya High Court judge Cecilia Githua was incompetent.

Kariuki said the order had no seal and thus it was difficult for it to be taken as an authentically obtained document.

He said that the assembly is ready  to obey the court but that the purported order could not be believed and thus the debate on wambora’s  impeachment had to continue. A similar debate on the impeachment of his deputy, Dorothy Nditi is underway.

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