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Whenever you need an extra oomph to your rather dull-looking outfit, you are most likely to reach out for a piece of jewelry to lift your look. It could be dangling earrings or pearly studs, a great beaded choker or a more regal statement piece chain, a dainty chain to wear on your wrist or multiple colorful bangles. Whatever you decide to rock depends on your mood or the occasion, but here are a few pointers that you might like to consider the next time you’re priming yourself in the mirror.

1. Layering necklaces. A bonanza of different necklines means that layering styles will be worthwhile additions to jewelry boxes. A tip to layering your necklaces would be to ensure that they are almost similar-looking. Mixing a beaded piece with a gold or silver chain may not necessarily work out. Alternatively, you could invest in an already layered necklace.

2. Stacking rings. Say bye-bye to cocktail rings and hello to slimmer rings and midi-rings. This trend allows for the wearer to have any many rings as they wish on their fingers without being too ‘loud’. Go ahead, fancy your fingers with this smooth style.

3. Boho-chic. This includes owls (we can admit to seeing everyone adorning owl-pendants) beads (especially on braided hair dos) feathers and fringes. Fringes come in the form of chokers with cascading pieces that reach far down across the chest. The bohemian look can be easily styled to look enviable and chic.

4. Brooches. Time to raid your mama’s jewelry box for some of that 90’s inspired look. Pin a funky brooch to your outfit to bring in that effortless glam. This is a look that would work especially well if you popped a top button on your blouse and you need a quick cover up.

5.Ear climbers or ear cuffs. For those that would like to make a bold statement, ear cuffs are for you. These are a form of earrings that run along the edge of your ear from the earlobe all the way to the tip. It gives a very punk impression so you might have to gauge your environment before working it.

Step out in your new look today, tomorrow, or even for the weekend.

Written by- Paula Mwazigizi

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