Google Chrome 64-bit Browser Finally Released As a Stable Version Chrome 64-bit Browser Finally Released As a Stable Version

Along with the release of Chrome 37 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google today also released a long-awaited 64-bit stable version of its Chrome browser for Windows systems. The company has been working on the 64-bit support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 since June.

Back in June, Google first released Chrome 64-bit only in the browser’s Dev and Canary channels. Then in July, the beta channel received the same update, and now, finally Chrome 64-bit is available in the stable channel.

The new 64-bit version of Chrome offers three main advantages. The security of the systems have also been improved in the 64-bit version by having access to a larger pool of memory. The Search engine giant also says that with 64-bit version of the browser, stability has also improved, being “twice as stable” as its 32-bit equivalent.While testing beta versions of Chrome 64-bit, the development team found that the Chrome browser crashes around half as often as the 32-bit version when processing web content.

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