Highest Paid In Hollywood: Sandra Bullock Makes $70 Million For ‘Gravity’

Alternative View At The 70th Venice International Film FestivalSandra Bullock must have been pretty excited when Gravity turned out to be a smash hit. Not only did it help Bullock earn another Oscar nomination but it also padded the walls of the actress’s figurative safe with another $70 million.

Yes, Sandra Bullock earned about $70 million from Gravity. But you know what’s even more surprising? That payday doesn’t make Sandy the highest paid in Hollywood.

Here are 10 ridiculous paychecks that have been handed out in Hollywood.

Mel Gibson – Lethal Weapon 4 


Mel Gibson’s $30 million salary for Lethal Weapon 4 makes this list for one reason: Perspective. In 1998, this was the highest paycheck ever handed out to a Hollywood star. Today, Hollywood’s biggest stars are regularly taking home paychecks close to that size.

Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump


In 1994, much like today, Tom Hanks was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. When it was time to sign his contract for Forrest Gump he opted out of his $25 million salary and decided to take a cut of the film’s profits. The decision ended up netting him about $70 million.

Johnny Depp – Pirates Of The Caribbean


Johnny Depp has made a lot of money from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I mean, A Lot of money. He pocketed a respectable $10 million for the first installment and that number has only increased with each sequel. For the fourth movie, Depp was reportedly paid $56 million. For Pirates of the Caribbean 5… Depp will reportedly pocket $116 million.

Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible


Tom Cruise is another franchise man. The actor has collected three $70 million + paychecks since the first movie hit theaters in 1996. But Cruise’s biggest paycheck wasn’t paid out to Ethan Hunt. His biggest payday came from The War of the Worlds when he netted close to $100 million.

Keanu Reeves – The Matrixmatrix__span

Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, and Johnny Depp have all made plenty of money from franchises, but none of them can touch Keanu Reeves. The actor has already made more than $250 million from those three movies but his massive paychecks aren’t the coolest part of his Matrix salary. According to ABC, Reeves has given away most of his Matrix money.

Reeves said:” Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I’ve already made for the next few centuries.”

Sandra Bullock – Gravity


Sandra Bullock’s Gravity payday is impressive for a few reasons. First, she made about $70 million more dollars than I’ve made in my entire life in just a few months. Second, Gravity isn’t a part of a big franchise.

There was no guarantee that Gravity was going to be a success. Bullock accepted a $20 million paycheck for the movie and, according to Web Pro News, also managed to secure a 15% slice of theatrical profits. Gravity has made about $750 million at the box office which means that Sandy is going to walk away with more than $70 million.

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