How justice, law and order have gone to the dogs justice, law and order have gone to the dogs

What do the sensational cases violated adolescent delinquent and a rogue pastor have in common?

First, they underscore a chilling peculiarity of our justice, law and order institutions.

Our police and courts operate efficiently in generating baffling outcomes that are counterintuitive, make nonsense of their mandates and antithetical to the public interest. It is our police who cannot even save young officers from a ragtag ambush, or respond in time to distress calls, but offer impeccable service to the bandit classes.

The police service is guilty, by commission and omission of negligence, abuse of trust and outright violation of rights. Every case before them is evaluated on the basis of the probability of a fat bribe.

This leads them to incarcerate and charge victims and innocent witnesses while protecting offenders. It impels them to perpetrate outrageous cover-ups and lie egregiously to the public.

The courts operate by the same playbook. Libel is used as a viable strategy to defeat reasonable expectations of accountability. They dispatch the poor en masse into prison, as the rich get away with murder every day. Somehow, it is difficult to find any evidence in any ase against the well-to-do.

All judgements are also pronouncements on economic status. Widows, orphans, the disabled, poor, sick are frustrated endlessly, justice held up in appeals, technical objections, injunctions and interlocutory rigmaroles.

The law has been mangled beyond recognition through interpretations and decisions aimed at securing short-term advantage for the powerful.

These institutions are reflective of a society that stopped aspiring. Everyone is now looking for a shortcut. We are afraid to condemn the corrupt because we know that on their shoes, we would do as they have done.

Our first reaction to the violated schoolgirl was lecherous glee. Our first reaction to the rogue pastor’s chicanery was to take his side without due inquiry.

In a few articles, AfriCounsel will analyse a few cases to show exactly how our justice, law and order institutions became playgrounds of middle class complicity before being hijacked altogether by the vicious underworld types.

We are going to tell you what they won’t tell you.


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