How To Survive The Christmas Office Party To Survive The Christmas Office Party

The middle of December usually marks the peak of the office Christmas party season. For most, the office party is a fantastic opportunity to let loose on the company tab.

It is often the one holiday season event where there is no pressure to prepare food or worry about anything except what to wear and whether the alcohol will flow freely.

A good Christmas party is often the mark of a good company to work for. Consider these handy tips in order to make it through your office party without being the talk of next year, or needing to change careers afterwards:

1. Know and accept your limits:

Naturally, you will want to have a good time, relax and join in with your colleagues but you must play it safe.

No matter the setting of the celebrations, the party is still an extension of your workplace. Keep your guard up and a hawk-eye on how many times your alcohol glass needs a refill.

2. Do not talk irrelevant things:
Observe party rules and settle in for a good time. It is a great opportunity to blend in and get to know people from the other departments, not the time to discuss complex business ideas.

The office party is not the time to ask your boss for a raise, or ask the head of marketing why they are not solving your sales problems. If you must raise a work-related issue, try flagging it in as a casual request and schedule a meeting for a later date to talk in depth.

3. Stay in your lane:

Do not mistake this as the opportunity to get overly and disastrously familiar with your CEO. If you have always referred to them as “Mr. Otieno”, the office bash day is not the day to start calling them “Otis”, using your jolliest tone.

Do not be fooled into taking unsolicited liberties. For instance, do not assume that the same things you say and do when you are in the company of your friends at the local bar will be appropriate at the office party.

4. Make a good effort:

Use the Christmas party to get to know people that you would not have had the opportunity to, so make the most of it.

Do not automatically hang out with your usual office crowd and partners in crime. Instead make an effort to do a bit of departmental networking and even self-promotion

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