Three Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Shave Their Pubic Hair

Three Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Shave Their Pubic Hair

I don’t want to beat around the bush-there’s nothing wrong with trimming your pubic hair or doing some grooming. But when it comes down to it, shaving your pubic hair has some consequences you may not have considered.

Shaving your pubic hair causes damage to hair follicles.

When you shave your pubic hair, you risk ingrown hairs and nasty red bumps. That’s a short-term risk many women are willing to take. But shaving your pubic hair can do lasting damage to that sensitive region.

Think of the skin in your pubic region as containing hundreds of pores and openings for secretions. And then take a moment to think about how much you sweat over the course of an average day.

Damaging the hair follicles in your pubic area means you may experience bouts of bumps, as glands and pores get blocked from the damaged openings. Seriously, do you want bumps down there? Shaving your pubic hair regularly can lead to permanent damage, which means you’ll be susceptible to blockage for years even after you stop.

Shaving your pubic hair means your pubic region is naked during sex.

Pubic hair may not be sexy at this particular point in human history, but we evolved with hair down there for a reason. Pubic hair is your body’s way of providing a dry lubricant to keep the super-sensitive skin down there from getting irritated during sex.

Think about it. During sex, there’s a lot of moisture and a lot of friction. Your pubic hair provides a barrier between your genitals and all that friction. Without it, you’re susceptible to heat rash and chafing, neither of which looks sexy in the morning.

Shaving your pubic hair detracts from your sex appeal.

Cosmetic argument aside, your pubic hair is meant to make you more attractive to potential mates. Pubic hair traps your smell close to your body, and a huge part of attraction comes from smell.

Have you ever found yourself head-over-heels for someone you know is all wrong for you? You try fighting the attraction, but you just can’t keep your hands to yourself? If this has happened to you, it’s a simple matter of biology. You’ve probably found someone with compatible chemistry, someone with a smell you just can’t say no to.

During certain parts of your menstrual cycle (like ovulation) and when you’re aroused, your body emits pheromones. This is your body’s super-sneaky way of telling potential partners you’re ready to mate. It’s invisible and subliminal, but it works.

We’ve created artificial smells for ourselves to attract potential mates. But scented soap and perfumecan only mimic what nature has already taken care of. Letting your natural smell do the talking for you will result in finding a potential partner who is truly attracted to you.

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