Italian prostitutes to wear reflective jackets and trousers prostitutes to wear reflective jackets and trousers

Prostitutes in Italy will be forced to ditch miniskirts and revealing tops for reflective jackets and trousers worn by road workers in a bid to improve highway safety.

The sex workers gathering on a main road into Milan in northern Italy face a 500 euro (Ksh 57,000) fine if they refuse to wear the unflattering high-visibility attire.

Authorities in the town of Spino d’Adda say the prostitutes cause a road-safety problem on the route from Milan to Cremona, and should be treated as construction workers.

An estimated 15,000 extra sex workers have flocked to Milan to cash in on the tourist boom caused by the 2015 Expo World Fair being held there,The Independent has reported.

Luciano Sinigaglia, deputy mayor of Spino d’Adda, told news website Corriere Della Sera: ‘The sex workers should be treated as employees who work on road construction and forced to wear clothes that make them visible.’

He explained that this meant reflective clothing and no miniskirts. Prostitutes caught a second time without wearing the right clothes will be taken to the police station.

It is hoped the new rules will be enforced from September.

In 2010, sex workers on a highway near the town of Els Alamus in Catalonia, north-east Spain, were ordered by police to wear fluorescent jackets to prevent accidents.

Officers were fining sex workers 40 euros (Ksh 1,560) for failing to wear the brightly-coloured clothing under a road traffic law which stated pedestrians on major highways or hard shoulders must wear the jackets.

The women responded to the fines by buying the sleeveless yellow jackets and wearing them over their work outfits, often consisting of short skirts or shorts and skimpy tops.

– Daily Mail online

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