Kenya among top African countries most prepared for e-commerce among top African countries most prepared for e-commerce

Kenya is the second most prepared country in Africa for the digital commercial revolution, the Digital Revolution Index shows.The survey prepared by researchers from the American-based Tufts University’s Fletcher School in collaboration with MasterCard and DataCash placed Kenya second after Egypt and ahead of Africa’s most populous nation.

It pointed out the success of the M-PESA money transfer service as a pointer to Kenya’s success in e-commerce.The service enables about 31.1 million Kenyans to move over Sh250 billion annually in a country that enjoys 72.5 per cent mobile penetration.

Numerous banks and mobile phone companies have partnered with malls, supermarkets, restaurants and service stations where payments for goods and services are done through mobile phones-based transactions.Saying Kenya was well prepared to contribute a lot for the world’s next billon internet users, the report said the successful use of the mobile phone as a conveyor for cash in settling transactions and transferring cash had opened a myriad of opportunities for investors.

Kenya, it said, had infrastructure and policies in place that meet the challenges that arise while taking advantage of the opportunities the growing digital world presents to them.Safaricom has since ventured into launching the 4G network which provide faster internet for clients anywhere in the country with its recently launched cloud business taking shape.

“The report describes Kenya as the hub of all digital things in East Africa saying its (Kenya’s) decision to embrace co-operation with its neighbours has opened up greater opportunities for its banks as well as for mobile cashless platforms.

The Digital Evolution Index provides a deeper understanding of how the shifting digital landscape affects e-commerce growth and reveals surprising patterns and actionable insights.

Source: Daily Nation
Image: PC Tech Magazine

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