Kenya MPs to vote afresh for Gender Bill

Kenya MPs to vote afresh for Gender Bill

Kenyan MPs today are set to go to the crucial vote on the Bill to fulfill the gender principle in Parliament with women legislators confident that the lobbying of their male counterparts will prove to be successful. To get the male MPs on their side, the women lawmakers split themselves into groups according to regions and held meetings with individual MPs, concentrating on those who voted Nay last Wednesday and those who refused to vote.

“We think our chances are good. A lot of the people who supported are still supporting and we have people who were not around in the first round – the nine women who were not there and then quite a number of the male members- because we needed 38 votes,” said Nyeri Women Representative Priscilla Nyokabi.

Kenya Women Parliamentarians Association (Kewopa) chair Cecily Mbarire said in a statement that the vote is an opportunity for MPs to show their commitment to the Constitution. “We appreciate all the 136 Male Members of Parliament who voted for the Bill when it was called to vote last week, and we further urge them to turn up once more for the vote today(Thursday) to ensure that this Bill passes,” Ms Mbarire said Wednesday evening.

The messages to the MPs were much more polite this time round.


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