Mary Wambui: You Are To Blame For Sexual Harrassment

Mary Wambui: You Are To Blame For Sexual Harrassment

Othaya MP Mary Wambui has had a different view from her fellow Women MPs on claims of sexual harassment by their male counterparts.

Speaking during a fund raising at Iria-ini Girls Secondary School she said that,

“Female leaders have always been entertaining men who are not their husbands or boyfriends, and when they decide to wine and dine with them, more so in indulging in alcohol until very weird hours of the night.

“In one way or the other these women are encouraging men to sexually harass them,” she said.

She, however stated that men should respect women and stick to their spouses.

Nyeri County Women Representative Priscilla Nyokabi urged women to preserve their dignity and only get into an intimate relationship with a person who deserves it.

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