Mwalimu Dida’s most memorable quotes

debate photo 3By Kevin Otiende

Nairobi Digest correspondent

More than 30 million Kenyans were yesterday glued to their televisions to witness the first ever presidential debate, three weeks to the much anticipated general elections.

From the start, you could easily tell the many hours most of the contestants spend preparing to convince Kenyans that they were best fit for the county’s top Job.

When the whistle was blown all the contestants tried their best to impress Kenyans in efforts to win their votes.

However, there was one contestant who stood out from the rest. He was the least know, the least likes and the least likely winner of the debate.

His presence in the debate was viewed as an intrusion; he did not belong if you asked many Kenyans.

Nonetheless, Mr Mohammed Abduba Dida won the hearts and probably the hopes of many Kenyans. I know you are probably wondering what magic wand he waved to emerge the most favourite debater. Well, here are some of his most memorable quotes.

1. The society that chose Waititu over Jimnah is a problematic society.

2. Years after being in government, we are still fighting jiggers and washing hands

3. Somebody with a PhD in electricity will spend the night in the dark but a class 8 drop-out will fix it

4. It’s true, when Kanu ate, we got the crumbs…these people even lick the plates!

5. Kwani who is the government?

6. I just expanded my class from 40 to a class of 40 million

7. Four out of five have left the party, and you say you practice social democracy?

8. If your football team fails to score, you can’t just change their kit and expect to play again

9. Don’t eat too much githeri, leave room for water

10. 20 years ago teachers were very important but today every child has a lawyer, we are unable to fulfill our disciplinary obligations

11. We don’t dwell on the weaknesses of each one of us…I am not asking you to vote for me, vote for the best.

12. Some of these leaders are devil worshipers


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