Police boss worth Sh50m fails to explain source of wealth during vetting

Police boss worth Sh50m fails to explain source of wealth during vetting

A senior traffic policeman was yesterday at pains to explain the source of his Sh50 million empire as vetting kicked off in the Coast region. Bamburi Police Station Base Commander Chief Inspector Abubakar Bakari, who was appearing before the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) led by Johnston Kavuludi, could not account for M-Pesa transactions amounting to millions of shillings.

Chief Inspector Abubakar Bakari’s M-Pesa transactions showed that he was sending huge amounts of money to his seniors in Western Kenya.Mr Bakari, now the Bamburi Police Base Commander, could not convince the panel led by commission chairperson Johnstone Kavuludi that the money he was sending to his bosses was from a merry-go-round.

The officers were also asked to explain several complaints lodged against them by the public and junior police officers. Mr Bakari who has been in the force for nine years was asked to explain about other huge amounts of money that was being sent to his M-Pesa account by his juniors.

He explained, unsuccessfully, that some of his seniors opted to use junior colleagues to send the money to his account. The officers, he claimed, had chosen him to collect the “merry-go-round’’ money.

“We had been having merry-go rounds with 13 base commanders when I was in Webuye. In that chama I have been the collector and that is why I used to send money and receive as well. All those transactions were made during that merry-go round,” Mr Bakari told the panel sitting at the Kenya School of Government in Mombasa.

But when asked to name the officers he was doing the merry-go round with, Mr Bakari could not even name five.

Commissioner Mary Owuor accused Chief Inspector Bakari of being rude after he told commissioner Cynthia Onyango to calculate the M-Pesa transactions, allegedly from a merry-go-round, amounting to more than Sh1.8 million. Asked by the NPSC chairman to state his “conservative” worth in assets and liabilities, Bakari who has been in the police force for the nine years, said he is worth Sh50 million. The officer operates at least four bank accounts. Ms Owuor took Bakari to task on whether a cell phone number he had used for the transactions, but which he did not submit as one of his lines to the commission, belonged to him.

Source: Standard Media

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