Police Hunt for ‘Granny-Led’ Gang Terrorizing Nairobi Traders

Police Hunt for ‘Granny-Led’ Gang Terrorizing Nairobi Traders

A gang of five, led by a granny suspected to be in her 80s, on the prowl in Nairobi and its outskirts , is sending shivers down the spines of electronic goods dealers.

According to a police alert, the five—three women and two men—mainly target electronic goods and M-Pesa shops in Nairobi and neighbouring towns.

In their latest incident, the gang robbed a businessman in Nairobi’s South C estate after their leader, identified as Jawaher Abdallah, posed as a needy person seeking assistance only for her accomplices to emerge and pounce on the unsuspecting target.

The victim, who reported the incident at Lang’ata Police Station, was able to identify his attackers in closed circuit television (CCTV) images shown to him by officers.

Police say two males are being sought by officers in Malaba, Western Kenya, where they are said to have slipped through a security dragnet after committing a series of robberies. One of their getaway cars is being detained at Lang’ata station.

The armed gang, which has been in operation for two years, has raided a number of business premises in the city and its suburbs including Travenzo Trading at ABC Place on Waiyaki Way.

One of the smooth and shadowy gangsters, who drives a sleek BMW suspected to have fake registration number plate, was brought up and lived in South C before he vanished two years ago.

According to police sources, the elderly gang leader who is always within eyeshot of her youthful accomplices targets outlets posing as a first-time visitor to Kenya in desperate need to change foreign currency into local money.

Lang’ata police boss Elijah Maina said officers are currently investigating an incident in which the gang stole money from an M-Pesa shop in Dam Two estate in Lang’ata last week.

In one of the CCTV footage, the gang leader and a younger female colleague went to the M-Pesa shop pretending that she wanted to withdraw Sh70,000. One of the young women told the shop attendant that the elderly woman had arrived in Kenya the previous day and wanted various denominations of Kenyan currency.

The attendant realised they were taking too long and became impatient and was about to dismiss them to attend to another customer, but the young woman was persistent as a distraction as her accomplices carried out their “business”.

When she left to serve another customer, the two hurriedly left and jumped into a car parked outside and sped off as she returned to the M-Pesa counter. The attendant later realised that they had stolen all the money, but unfortunately did not get the details of the car.


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