President Uhuru ordered the audit after it was revealed that Sh1.8 billion is being paid annually to ghost workers.

uhuru-kenyattaCapital FM reported, “The Head of State has now directed the Ministries of Devolution and National Treasury to contract a reputable external firm to carry out the audit and hand in a report to his office within three months.”

Ghost workers are employees whose names are listed on the payroll of the company, as receiving salaries, but they either don’t exist or no longer work for the organization. Their wages and other benefits are usually stolen. The audit came after it was discovered that officers from 8 separate firms, who are either on secondment, deceased or have retired, were still being remunerated in the public service payroll.

The President was quoted, “My government is committed to ensure that public service is managed effectively and efficiently. Part of our strategy is to ensure that not only does the public service deliver on its mandate, but that we as a government also eradicate wastage and loss of public resources thereby releasing more funds to development and service delivery.”

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