‘Savvy’ Kenyan Consumers Lure Global Fast Food Chains

‘Savvy’ Kenyan Consumers Lure Global Fast Food Chains

Nairobi has become a landing spot for global fast food chains and restaurants owing to a growing awareness and reception of top brands by its residents.

The multi-billion-shilling industry is looking to Kenya as the new expansion market owing to the country’s developing economy attributed to infrastructure development and international investors coming in to set up business.

Nairobi’s eat-out culture is evident with global fast food chains and restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, Domino’s and Naked Pizza having set up business in Nairobi’s Central Business District and Westlands areas.

Other international brands including MacDonald’s and Pizza Hut are reported to be coming soon. “Nairobi has become a cosmopolitan city.

Global and multinational companies see many attractive aspects including a growing middle class who have disposable income, huge market needs, a strong receptivity to global brands and the growing mall business.

People are ready to spend money,” said Hellofood’s managing director Robert Gichangi. He said Kenyans are more receptive to new brands and are not shy to sample different foods.

There is rising competition among the global chains, with KFC—which launched in Nairobi in 2011— opening its eighth store recently, followed by Subway restaurants, Naked Pizza and ice cream chain Stone Creamery.

However, with Kenyan farmers unable to supply standard raw food products such as pre-blanched potatoes, lettuce and cheese, the food outlets resort to sourcing them from other countries including Egypt and South Africa.

“Farmers need to be sensitised on growing quality produce that meets international standards so as to cut costs of shipping them from outside and to be at par with other developing sectors in the economy,” said Githanji. “Suppliers have to adhere to international standards of food service.

The taste and quality of a meal at KFC New York is the same as here in Nairobi. If these standards aren’t met we’d have to import or stop serving a particular food,” said KFC marketing director Jemimah Baariu.

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