You’ll be able to tweet more than 140 characters soon!’ll be able to tweet more than 140 characters soon!

Twitter’s famous 140 character limit on tweets is about to be dropped! Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is trying to revitalize Twitter with features like Polls and Moments. He is doing this because Twitter’s growth has stagnated.

Twitter's user growth

Last year in August, he dropped the 140 character limit from direct messages. He’s now making his most dramatic change yet — removing Twitter’s famous 140 character limit.

Here’s Jack Dorsey’s 1,315 character tweet announcing the change:

By removing this restriction, Twitter may end up diluting the quality of any given tweet.

Twitter actually may be improving its users’ writing, as it forces them to wring meaning from fewer letters — it embodies William Strunk’s famous dictum, Omit needless words, at the keystroke level.
Christian Rudder in Dataclysm

Instead of allowing longer tweets, they might be better off forcing us to be even more concise. From a study done by Buffer, it was found that the optimal length of a tweet is actually closer to 100 characters. That’s right because tweets that are shorter than 100 characters get 17% more engagement than tweets longer than 100 characters.

Judging by Jack Dorsey’s tweet, a tweet’s character length will be significantly more than 140 characters which raises a number of questions:

  • Will your Twitter feed soon be peppered with long-winded essays?
  • Or will they collapse longer tweets with a “read more” button?
  • Will such a “read more” button turn tweeting into an exercise in composing clickbait headlines?
  • And more importantly, will anyone be interested in reading all these extra characters?

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