South Sudan President Salva Kiir has reportedly hit out at the UN and accused their peacekeeping mission (Unmiss) of acting like a “parallel government” in his country

This comes after Kiir’s government accused the UN of hiding rebels and weapons at their camps, after which the information minister tried to force his way into the UN base in Bor where they believe the rebels were hiding.



According to the BBC, during a broadcast on national TV Kiir said, “We did not know that when the Unmiss was brought to South Sudan, they were brought as a parallel government with the government in South Sudan. They fell short of naming the chief of the Unmiss as a co-president of the Republic of South Sudan. If that is the position of Ban Ki-moon, he should make it clear that he wants the UN to take over South Sudan.”

Kiir also added that the UN should allow the government to search for guns in the camps and hand over any guns, uniforms and vehicles in their possession.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon reportedly said in a statement he was “alarmed” and “disturbed” by Kiir’s threat to the staff of Unmiss.


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