The most talked about local film, Strata , is set to premier this coming Sunday, 22nd December at the Stedmak gardens,Karen.

Strata is a multi racial movie that gives us insight into the rise in crime in Kenya today and the innovative and intriguing methods that desperate criminals use to avoid detection. The film also gives us a glimpse into the cover-up tactics that law enforcers use to lead us down the wrong path.

Written by Cajetan Boy, a renowned Kenyan perfoming artist, playwright, screenwriter and mentor, Strata”  is  story of crime and passion with wheels within wheels  that reveals  the layers of  our lives stemming from what may seem to the untrained eye as a simple gunning down of another notorious criminal on the streets of Nairobi.

The film revolves around Jasmine/ Jazz, a mixed race Kenyan, who is on a quest to track down her fiancé’s killer. Jazz goes through several hurdles and setbacks, including having to deal with Kush- “a corrupt police officer who is obsessed with her, Silk, who claims to be Zeal’s wife but later turns out to be a partner in crime, and a whole lot of people who are convinced that his death is for the better, she has to come face to face with the reality that Zeal, the man she loved led a double and dangerous life in armed crime.

It’s a film filled with suspense, intrigue and will have you watching it with bated breath.

The premier is set to take place at the Stedmak  gardens situated at Karen on the 22nd December starting at 12 noon till late. Among activities lined up for the day include fun and games, quizzes before the screening of the film which will be cap the day.

The audience will also get an opportunity to interact with the film stars as well as ask questions as they will also be in attendance. The charges for the event will be Ksh.1200 at the gate and advanced tickets cost Ksh.1000.

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