Tecno tablets now to be sold only online

Tecno tablets now to be sold only online

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Tecno Mobile, has announced that their high-end gadgets such as tablets will only be purchased online.

The company, which has recently been releasing new phones and tablets in the Kenyan market every month, has also assured the users of high quality products.

However, the company’s Business Development Manager, Mr John Marshall, admitted that imitations of their products have infiltrated the market, something they are working with government to solve.

“We will only be releasing and selling tablets online because most users prefer shopping online,” Mr Marshall said.

He gave an example of their latest tablet DroiPad 8II which he described as a work of art, which balances mobility and fun.


“As you can see this tablet has been doing well in the Kenyan market in the last one month because it is cheap unlike other tablets in the market. Its all-metallic finish and a slim bezel, plus an ultra-thin body also provides a comfortable and premium feeling when you are holding it,” Mr Marshall said.

He noted that Kenyans’ love for smartphones is what informed their decision to launch phones which are 4G enabled.

“Kenyan’s love big smartphones and that is why we will also be introducing a Phoneblet – a phone and tablet at the same time – in the market soon,” he said.

Mr Marshall said his company is averaging 200,000 devices sold per month in the Kenyan market and that 50 percent were smart devices.

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