Things You Shouldn’t Do in Bed

Things You Shouldn’t Do in Bed

We all know that the bed is the most comfortable place on earth and nothing beats its coziness especially when augmented with a nice mattress, a couple of spongy pillows and fresh bedding. The bed is known for two main activities: sleeping and getting it on with your partner. However, being the enterprising people we are, we have extended the use of a bed to include the functionality of a desk, a couch and to some even a dining table. Below are some of the things that should be delegated elsewhere apart from the bed.

1. Watching TV: In addition to disturbing your melatonin (hormone that causes one to sleep) production, the TV in the bedroom also isn’t (ironically) lulling you to sleep.Even a more calming pre-bedtime routine, like reading, should typically be done out of bed. Watching TV doesn’t necessarily mean the real TV screen but also includes carrying your laptop to bed to finish watching the latest episode of a series.

2. Texting: Or checking emails, double-tapping on Instagram or scrolling through your Twitter timeline. These glowing devices in our lives send out blue wavelengths of light, which can tamper with the natural release of sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. Fortunately or unfortunately, almost everyone does this in bed, some even falling asleep with their cellphone still within their grip. Even worse are those that use their devices while connected to the charger. Cut this habit out.

3. Working: Doing anything else in the bedroom but sleeping teaches your brain that the bedroom is for things other than sleeping. Working from bed weakens “the mental association between your bedroom and sleep,” according to Harvard’s Division of Sleep Medicine. Working from bed may also affect your posture, which has serious long term effects on your health. Try as much as possible to complete your work routine outside the bedroom. Try as much as possible to also avoid studying from the warmth of your bed.

4. Sweating: Yes! Sweating. It might be tempting to get the warmest duvet to swaddle in and bundle yourself with extremely warm PJs and socks to bed but research says that this hampers your sleep. Instead regulate your levels of heat/warmth at night so as to avoid sweating.

5. Eating: Crumbs. Dirty dishes. Inviting unwanted scavenging ‘guests’. The once-aroma-turned-smell. Need I say more?

There you have it. Restrain from doing the above in or on top of the bed. Reserve it for the two important tasks it is supposed to serve primarily.

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