Tips to Help You Keep Your Braids Looking Great

Tips to Help You Keep Your Braids Looking Great

Always cover your hair at night

We do this when we have a weave on or just our natural hair. But the moment one gets braids they forget to cover their heads. Covering your head will help prevent your scalp from drying out and it keeps your edges looking fresh.

Keep Your Scalp Moist

Spray a little water to your roots. This will help keep them strong and provide moisture.

Avoid unnatural products when moisturizing

Only use natural oils on your braids. Opt for coconut oil as it soothes the scalp and doesn’t block your pores.

Wash your braids

Clean your braids after every two weeks. Just use a damp cloth to pat down sections of your hair this will help remove dirt that is harmful to your hair and also leaves the scalp feeling and smelling fresh.

Avoid pulling too tightly when styling

Pulling too tightly will weaken your hairline and cause braids to fall off. Avoid straining your braids to keep your hairline intact.

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