Top Entrepreneurs Says Political Rallies “Bad for Business”

Top Entrepreneurs Says Political Rallies “Bad for Business”

A private sector lobby and the UN have warned that the Saba Saba rallies are likely to create more tension and anxiety among investors and Kenyans.

In a joint communiqué signed by Kenya Private Sector Alliance chairman Vimal Shah and UN Resident coordinator Nardos Bekele-Thomas, they said that if not well managed, the rally could degenerate into violence and looting.

The statement was signed after a meeting with Kepsa members, diplomats and UN officials at Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi.

Mr Shah said that unconditional and constructive national dialogue should be embraced by all and conducted within the framework of the Constitution.

This, he said should be done in a manner that is mindful of the economy, promotes peace, enhances security for all, underscores national cohesion and respects the rule of law.

“As key stakeholders in the Kenyan economy and as friends of Kenya, we join our voices with religious leaders in calling upon political leaders to exercise political restraint and promote national dialogue that puts the interest of Kenyans and Kenya first,” said the Kepsa chairman.


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