Why Are ‘Death Trap’ Hoverboards Exploding?

http://nairobidigest.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/hov.jpgWhy Are ‘Death Trap’ Hoverboards Exploding?

Hoverboards have been tipped as one of this year’s must-have Christmas presents – but now customers are being advised to avoid them at all costs.

The gadgets, also known as “personal motorized transporters”, are two-wheeled electrical scooters.

Despite their name, they don’t actually hover and are controlled by subtle shifts in the user’s weight.

They come in all shapes and sizes and usually cost between around ksh and ksh

The boards have enjoyed an explosion in popularity recently, with Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Kylie Jenner just some of the celebrities snapped on them.

It is thought around half a million people in Africa have bought the self-balancing boards as gifts.

What Are The Dangers?

Some models have been catching fire and blowing up, which is believed to be down to many having non-compliant UK plugs without fuses.

This increases the risk of the device overheating, exploding or catching fire. Some hoverboards’ cut-off switches failed.

Chargers, cabling and batteries were also found to fail safety standards.

Carol Helen Garrett, National Trading Standards principal officer, said: “The main hazard is in the board itself.

“The cut-off switch which should activate when the lithium battery is fully charged often doesn’t work.

“That means that the battery continues to charge, it overheats and there’s a significant risk of an explosion or fire, which is going to have devastating consequences and we have seen that in recent reports.

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